Friday, January 3, 2014

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Today is my 3 year yogaversary. 

When I look back I see that when I started practicing yoga I started living my life
..Meeting my partner
..following my heart to become an instructor
...allowing myself to develop a relationship with my spiritually and learning to trust my heart
                I am eternally grateful and completely fulfilled

Today Lucy taught class, The newest teacher at BYA and she has such an amazing class
teaches from the heart and lots of good energy.

Get there and find out:
Cat bought me a massage as a gift for helping around the studio
Aura is taking class next to me
smallish class and i'm in the back row dead center.

Lights coming up while I am still setting my intention
       breath work seems forever
       Its just sensation, focus on the breath
First back bend I feel like I am compressing my lumbar and come up early.. breath
            second set.
                               heels down, chest up, keep your arms with your ears..I think about myself in the posture while i'm in the posture.. weird right?

First set Eagle is when I begin to feel myself slipping from a physical practice to a meditative experience

    Bright Lights
    Movements of my spine
                                                  legs up, chest up, everything UP!
   ... following sensation. focus on breath

Sometimes you have to lose your mind to follow your heart.

3 years later and I have never had the same class twice.
I think I am going to go every day
 I am a blessed man