Sunday, January 9, 2011

Yoga by sunset

Had to take the late class today because I worked early, was a little skeptical about how I would perform physically after working all morning.. I was fine

           Feeling very grateful today, for everyone and thing in my life
                           Thank you.

Liz is instructing today
  [ I like Liz very straight forward, confident.. very intense eyes]

          first asana  half moon
                       FINALLY KEPT MY ARMS UP entire first series
                        that was an amazing feeling.. need to work on for the whole time

     I never know If I am too low in awkward pose, just need to keep thighs parallel to floor.
           Eagle came easily, even got those feet behind my calf for a second, was very proud

Balancing getting better when it comes locking that leg, try not to rush it.. it will happen with practice [also a good life lesson].. focusing on sticking my big toe to the ground
  once I get over that I think I will be in good standing.. literally

Felt the back lift in all the back poses.. tried to fly off the floor.. make my body work for it.

when doing my entire floor series I felt body chills, as if I was cold..
just worked through them keep breathing
            [ when I asked Liz about them she asked if I was ill, no but everyone around me is,
maybe I am fighting off something that is trying to start, it happens sometimes to her too]
             Do any of you guys ever have body chills in the middle of your workout?.. weird right

Very little issue with spine stretch today

saw energy glowing through skin when lights came down during final breathing
           that is worth going to a night class to see ..


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  1. i love seeing the energy at the end.. and feeling it. the connection that you're forming with the people you take classes with is much deeper than just being in the same place at the same time ..