Friday, January 14, 2011


Today I had such a weird class, I was totally into it, went to the 630p class, which I heard is the busiest of the day.. and it was, but still managed to get a spot in the the door though
so every time someone went in and out I felt it. It actually happened once in class and I was very grateful for it lol

 Lost myself in the breathing a few times, but breathing is constantly getting deeper.
During half moon I stretched myself so deep I felt it from my bone to my skin... breath was very constant,
  same with awkward pose, seemed to flow very easily.
Very proud of my locked leg during standing nose to knee, very little wobble, wanted to extend the leg a few times, but I want it perfect first.

            Something happened during balancing series.. during half bow, I got that very light almost floating feeling again. vision was hazy
                    breath was deep
                    body feels light
As great as I felt during the entire experience I needed to rest,I didn't want to black out because I didn't listen to my body, I rejoined the class at the end of balancing stick.
   I feel like I could have felt that forever

Triangle was amazing... got my thigh parallel to the ground and made myself hold it by focusing on my breath
  Still working on those knees in a line for tree.

    Cobra is getting easier, actually the easiest of the back poses, just have to remember to flatten my palms of the floor.
During locus I got my legs up even higher just because I saw how high some of the others are.. and was a little jealous but pushed just a little more
and full bow is good, relaxed arms, relaxed wrists.. kick up up up

Finished with a very deep spine twist, i want to eventually see myself in the mirror

until tomorrow



  1. i'm so happy for you!! yoga is a great thing to be addicted to :)

    not that you asked, but i would just caution you to watch out for paying attention too much to the other students. yoga is your individual practice and shouldn't be competitive.. that's kind of the opposite of what yoga is all about. no matter how jealous you get of other people's poses, don't feel pressure to have to live up to that measure.. you'll get there eventually :)