Friday, January 7, 2011


Woke up energized.. dealt with yesterdays emotions, today is a new day...
Got to studio in great mental space

Full of positive energy, great aura.. its gonna be a great class

Jessica is teaching today
     Encouraged me to keep those arms up during half moon... still had to release between sets...breath into it palms together.. release
     My eagle is getting better, foot almost to back of calf on both sides... need to focus on bringing shoulders down..

Balance is better today, a lot better, standing bow looks amazing
             still need to focus on just myself in the mirror.. focus on breath
             make sure that big toe stays down on the ground and don't roll to the outside of the foot.

Back series is a bitch.. per us
    it feels like my hand had a lot of strain in .. i forget the name of the asana
breath through it still.

Pushed my body.. my spine to the limit with Rabbit
    felt amazing

                                 Was a little distracted with other people in the room today.. with was weird considering this is the most empty class I have been in ..
Class is over

After class I talked with Jessica about my emotional highs and lows
                "when doing this class you are clearing up a lot of blockages, blockages that are sometimes created by emotional stress.. now that you are working it out of your body you need to express whatever those emotions are
                once you feel angry come to class stat"

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  1. I am in envy of you Chuck. It has been my goal for some time to find a pattern in my life that could start with these necessary activities. I am proud of you and envious. I have found brief bouts of consistency in yoga and working out. The gains are tremendous.
    At the risk of sounding obvious, keep it up! Work out those kinks and transcend the bullshit. Good luck with it all and I will keep posted through this blog.