Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ten Days In!

I cant believe that its been 10 days since I have started doing yoga.. It seems like no time and forever.
My body feels like its been years, and I feel more focused and stress free in and out of the studio.
     My skin is glowing
     My body is loose and muscles are tight,
     I can see muscles that I didn't even know was there.
     I knew that yoga today was going to be great, I just felt it.

When class starts I really felt my shoulders open up when, but at a certain point I lost track of my breathing and fell off course.. but I got back on track.

Half moon was deeper than before but holding the arms were too intense to hold the entire series..
Finally got my standing leg locked during standing nose to knee, I am going to keep it here for a while before I extend my leg out.
Standing bow is getting deeper still, I am trying to make sure that I push myself lower.. I want that standing split real bad
Tree is also getting stronger with less wobbling in the standing leg, and actually felt my knee go down lower.

            I made triangle my bitch... sitting down lower than ever before.
I pretty much went balls to the wall in the poses today, I have been feeling like I have just been hanging out where I am comfortable these past few days and I need to push to that next level.. I love that my instructors are giving me pointers on a daily now and encouraging me to get there.

             I had a few of those Zen like moments where I forgot that I was even doing the postures. I look for that every class now.

Someone asked me today if it gets easier.. and the answer is no. I am constantly finding a new stretch in a pose and going deeper. Bikram says there is always next level, always something you should be working towards .

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