Friday, January 28, 2011

Still going strong..

So now I feel like I have officially made yoga a part of my daily life, I don't know what I would do if I missed a class, its almost like a religion
          If I would have gotten home sooner today I would have done 2 classes, I am totally understanding what people mean when they say sometimes one class is just not enough.

I am still having trouble with half moon and keeping my arms up, I need to grip harder and squeeze those elbows in to hold it.. I know that the pressure in the shoulders is good I just cant seem to make myself want it bad enough.. I will though
I will say that my back bend feels great.. I feel like I can control my breathing really well here, which allows me to go deeper into the posture.
In eagle that twisted right leg is almost wrapped behind, it wants to go there.. I great improvement from a few weeks ago, my left just slides down effortless, like it should. Keeping the breathing steady.. in and out through the nose.. focus on yourself in the mirror.
In standing nose to knee I am starting to lift my standing leg more and more, standing leg getting stronger... focus on standing leg in mirror, like your leg hag no knee, solid... change

Standing bow which is usually my best posture was a little wobbly today, still good though, my chin stands with my shoulder the whole time... If I kick harder when I am feeling that way it usually saves the pose, which is what I should be doing anyway... funny how that works
           No resting at all during the standing series, good job.. a lot better than when I can back from MN last week.

Spine is getting stronger by the day.. I wish I could see how high my legs go up during locus.. I can feel them and it feels great. I can only do one set though.. during the second set I only did the final posture, and its never as high.
Liz told me that I have a really beautiful Camel.. thanks Liz
Ive also recently realized that the reason that I always felt so much tension in the back of my neck during rabbit is because I WAS DOING IT WRONG... duh. so now its alot better and i actually feel  the stretch in my spine.

Been kinda depressed these days.. not quite sure why, having a hard time getting out of bed and motivated.. must be that time of the year.. yoga helps a lot.. I bet going to two classes a day would help a ton.. something to thing about..


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