Thursday, January 6, 2011

Soft body.. Cramped Mind

So today was day four
   woke up in a weird mood,Not bad... just out of place
didn't feel like a lot of water

 After yesterday I have been looking forward to waking up just to go to class
  almost like it was my purpose.
Woke up in no mood, but knew I was going to class, hopefully it will get me in the right mental space.

Get to studio
     John is behind the desk...
             Its going to be a good workout
In studio trying to ease the mind with breath and affirmations
                                                                            [its going to be a great day, this class is going to open you up]
Class begins
start with breathing
 still have to rest arms between sets on half moon
  focus on flat palms.. breath
sat deeper than ever on awkward pose.. focus on mirror, look in eyes, deeper... change

My balance was shit...
      Standing bow started off amazing, totally focused, kick back, lean forward.. deep ..deeep
                   and I fell out and could barely get it back.. same on both sides

 My favorite asana is triangle when I am looking up my right arm and on my wrist I see "Pura Vida[pure life]".. my tattoo.
Focusing on that always puts things in prospective

Between Cobra and Locus I notice that John has a nipple ring...

reach your chest up..legs up.. change

Class went a lot faster than I has been but I couldn't seem to get out of my head
            Self doubt..
            Trivial worries..
            Negative energy that I have been holding on too for way too long..
Took the long savasana to center myself.

On my way out John wishes me a Happy Birthday
              Makes me smile
     I may have a crush on John.

Even though I had an amazing practice and I know my body will benefit I had such a hard time leaving my baggage at the door.
Maybe I am just becoming more in touch with my emotions and this off feeling has been there a while but I am just getting to a place when I am strong enough to deal with it.

This yoga is like therapy
              Physically and Emotionally
I never know how i am going to react

Has Bikram.. or any other forms of yoga taking you through emotional changes?
does it ever stabilize?
John mentioned something about yoga more than once a day.. I really like that idea [ for the future]

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