Sunday, January 23, 2011

So good to be back home

After having two really shitty classes in Minneapolis I must admit I was feeling a little bummed about my practice.. I thought I was really getting into it, and it was becoming part of my daily routine
still happy to be home and go to MY studio

Went to the Friday night class, John was actually taking this class, so it was fun to see him again
  I think I'm over my little crush

Class starts, feeling better already, but kind of annoyed with the people in front of me [ I get it that it was their first time...]
right from the beginning of the class I felt better than I had in MN
breathing felt right.. just in and out through your nose, felt the connection with body and breath
             [" if you can control your breath you can control the world"]
Even though I was home and feeling good, some of the postures were a little more difficult to get and hold
.. like standing nose to knee
.. I kept falling out of standing bow, I also couldn't see myself in the mirror
... I only did one set of balancing stick
fell of out triangle a few times but jumped back in, same with standing separate leg stretch
  In Savasana I could not help thinking about how thankful I am to be a part of the Bikram Andersonville community, these are some pretty great people.

Saturdays 730a class was even better
was actually taught by John
 went very well, starting to get back in the flow of things
.. rested during locus
..came out a lot of postures early
but while I was in them pushed myself to the limit
I always love morning classes, its such a great way to start your day, I'm always so happy afterward.

Was going to take the Sunday 730a class [With a friend Aaron] and make it three class in twelve hours
.. but I woke up feeling bad so I went to the 545p class
Beth was the teacher, I really like Beth's style, super laid back, supportive, cracked jokes all night about the Bears losing so badly [ I didn't watch the game]
One of my best classes yet
I really felt myself open up tonight  and connect
my breathing was great
feeling confident about extending my bent leg in standing nose to knee, cant hold it for long though
 I realized while doing full locus that nothing is ever as bad as I think its going to be
    I think that says loads about how I think, focusing on the negative... still
even though I am alot calmer, stress-free, and centered I still can be very negative
    I got really upset yesterday.. I don't like that about it
I really want to start taking a meditation class, that would be nice

During the final breathing I got the hiccups.. again

930a class tomorrow
21 days and counting

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