Monday, January 17, 2011


Yesterday was only the second noon class that I have taken and I must say.. its pretty nice
there is something about yoga at noon on Sunday.. very peaceful, there wasn't even that many people there, there were only 2 of us in the front row.

In class I really felt that deep stretch in half moon, and pushed my foot down.. it was an incredible feeling and I now know what I am aiming for each time.
In awkward pose I had one of those moments when I could see my fingers shaking and all I can do is tighten up and focus forward.
Still working on that standing leg in standing nose to knee.. but I can feel my feet getting stronger each day, I am constantly working new muscle groups, and the best thing is that its happening on a daily bases.
I have decided that standing bow is going to be the first pose that I master.. and its looking good. I am falling out less and feeling the stretch and pull a lot deeper.
I always feel spent by the time I get to balancing stick.. and there is sweat in my eyes.. I actually think I am going to start wearing a sweat band..would that be weird?
             I cant believe that I am being judgemental about what I wear to yoga... I feel like I should be over that.

The rest of class was okay..
I was really close to the wall during full locus and couldn't get my arms in the right place
I was too close to the girl behind me and the was kind of annoying
  It wasn't my best class to say the least

Until tomorrow

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  1. i imagine a sweatband would get super soaked anyway and sweat would still drip in your eyes.. but i think you should try one anyway. it might be cool if you could like.. store it in the freezer ahead of time or something. mmm that might feel super good.. at least in the beginning :)