Sunday, January 16, 2011

The most beautiful girl

So I get to the studio yesterday and see the most beautiful girl I have ever seen, I may have a huge thing for her... Navie is her name, and im sure I spelt that wrong
  Beautiful eyes
  Beautiful skin
  Great aura
 I would love to ask her out some time but not sure how I would go about that without being that guy..

   Class was really good with me pushing myself into deeper back stretches and really just making sure the breath is normal.
I am still working on my standing leg with standing nose to knee...still getting a hold of locking the knee out.
I wish I could photograph my progress in every pose every day because I can just feel myself going deeper and I would like to see it.
Still working on standing bow.. getting lower by the class.

I know its vain but I think my leg looks fat when I am in tree pose.. I can never bring it was high as I would like to, but I am still working.

The only draw back on my new mat so far is that it gets so wet and since its so long I am going to have to bring 2 towels to cover it completely.. which is going to generate a lot more laundry for me.

Floor series was good, lots of deep breathing
nose to knee is not coming as easily as I like to think it would but I am still working on it.

its all a constant work in progress

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