Wednesday, January 5, 2011


After yesterday I was beginning to doubt if I could make it everyday
I did, getting there earlier than the past few days even

I'm having a struggle about whether or not I should bring water with me to class
I haven't yet but I often find myself physically yearning for my neighbors, is it better to go though the entire series then hydrate?
either way I forgot mine.

in the studio, find a spot right by the mirror and make it mine
stretch out yesterdays work.. breath in savasana   focus

Woman from yesterday sets up next to me, I feel guilty for sending negative towards her yesterday and I want to make peace, I didnt have time

John is the instructor today
[John is my new favorite]

He pushed us when we needed and even encouraged us to smile after hating life in cobra

Balancing getting easier.. stretch toes more
              Does anyone know if yoga sandals actually work?

My whole goal for today was to focus on my breathing
in and out through the nose
We focusing I found myself deep into my asanas with little effort
            almost if I was a separate being watching my body work

After my standing poses when in the first savasana tears came to my eyes I thought i was going to cry
I have never had such an emotion connection to a workout
I felt it

The sitting asanas came easy
still need to get deeper into my rabbit
Ending with breathing purging the old stale air


I feel like I broke though a wall today, no worn feeling after class us the glow of knowing you kicked ass
Robin [my roommate] told me that after the third day everything is great.

looking forward to tomorrow..

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