Monday, January 10, 2011

I had such a time getting motivated today..
I feel like it was because I took class so late last night.. and was up so early
   either way I went, had a good class and it totally made my day

the studio was really packed today... It must be a Monday thing, people want to start their week on a good note ... I get it
Even during the breathing I could feel that my body was not 100% with me so I was prepared to take it slow.
   [fighting off that shiz that is going around the diner]
Still managed to keep both hands together during first series.. hell yeah
second set.. not so much

managed to make it through the balancing series.. standing leg is getting stronger, much less wobbling, that toe is sticking to the ground..

triangle.. not so much
           I had to rest during the first set, I didn't want to hurt myself, and yoga is about resting your body when it needs it... and keep going.

my back is still getting stronger.. in cobra I almost saw the back wall.. its true, your body will follow where your eyes go...
had to rest again during full locus.. but that's okay.. there is always tomorrow.

          that's the beauty of life, if you fuck it up, there is always tomorrow.

 there will be progress photos soon, so stay posted


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