Saturday, January 15, 2011

Finally bought a mat of my own

I will admit it was nice renting the mat/towel combo from the studio just because it was made for Bikram and it has always been really nice, but that shiz gets expensive.

Its a really nice mat that should last me a long time, in my favorite colour.. sage green
its a Kulae  Anti-bacterial
                100% biodegradable
                100% recyclable
   Apparently its the most hygienic mat out there, which is exactly what you need in a Bikram class where you are sweating out your body weight on a daily.
As much as I have been loving my a.m yoga class I have been really into the whole night thing. Its a really nice way to wind down from the day, the classes have a different feel to them also.. different types of people I guess.
I thought that I would have some of the same [floating] feeling like I did yesterday but I didn't. I have learned that I cant really predict class.. I really never know how things are going to turn out.

Half moon was really good, got super deep into my side poses.. I feel like I know what I am reaching for in the posture now and just getting over that is half the battle, as it is with most things in life.
      I fell out of awkward pose during the second series while sitting on my toes, that hasn't happened in a while, jumped right back in there though.. teaching my body not to fall out.
      I was so proud during standing bow.. during the first series I didn't fall out once... I fought for it, hard. I need to make sure I keep kicking and trying to straighten my leg that's in the air.
     Triangle is getting better... I no longer dread it before it happens, which is a good feeling.
          Come to think about it there is really no pose that I dread anymore.. I know that I need it and embrace it.

   Its insane how fast 90 minutes pass these days.. I honestly feel like I am in and out and am starting to not be soo tired after class. I also love how every time I am done with class there is a always a different part of my body that feels the work..
I'm getting to the point where I am no longer learning the routine but more working into each posture and feeling myself go deeper. I still have such a long way to go
I feel like I have been doing yoga forever but it hasn't even been 2 whole weeks yet.. its insane how soon you start to see and feel the results of daily yoga practice.

            My friend Ashley from work is coming to a class on Monday.. pretty excited about that. I am going to interview her for the blog after her first class.

I found out that last years record at my studio is 237 classes in 237 days...
I think I could at least match it, I just hope it still counts if I go to a different studio

I haven't seen John all week.. I wish I knew the instructors schedule lol


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