Sunday, January 9, 2011

Early class.. Late post

Today was a lot longer than I expected..
730a yoga and ended up working a double... wasn't as tired as I expected to be, and once I stopped focusing on the negative it was actually a great day.

John was our instructor this morning, which was a great surprise
    He has great energy, makes me smile.
        [random thought]
Its kind of weird that everyone in the studio calls me Charles.. and I cant remember the last time I went by that name, however it seems perfectly suitable.

Felt great going into class
  Breathing is always great, gets me sweaty in the first five minutes which feels great.
   Arms still coming down in half moon, need to work on that, second set was a lot better
             Keeping palms flat together is key and when I do I feel the stretch so much more.

I think its really easy to rest on your laurels and only go as far as you have..
   I need to constantly push myself to get to that next level, in all aspects of life
               Bikram says " there is always a next level, always something you should be reaching for"

Really working on locking my leg for balancing and keeping my big toe down, practice makes perfect..
   I am constantly in a hurry, sometimes even when I have nothing to hurry to.
had an amazing stretch in standing bow, and for some reason my body was not into standing nose to knee at all.. I fell out several times.

I noticed there were a few couples taking the class together, which seemed more awkward than I'm sure it is just... weird
really pushed myself in the back series which feels amazing.. I want to eventually to have total spine flexibility

The final spine twist seemed more difficult than it has been.

As I was leaving the locker room the high schoolers  [there is a local high school where the varsity wrestling team is required to take a yoga class for conditioning]  were showing up.. I bet that was a fun class.

 As I was in the lobby putting on my shoes I caught myself looking in the direction of John.. we locked eyes and held it for a second...


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