Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Woke up stiff, not as much as I would have thought but still
after a horrible nights sleep I'm ready for more.
hydrate before... hydrate after

get to studio
get a good mirror spot
stretch out yesterdays work

Moment is ruined when woman puts her mat directly in front of mine..
her mat rolling over the front of mine..breath

class starts with breathing poses
side bends come easy.. have to rest arms between sets
I see the wall on my back bends.. push hips up...hold
the deeper I get into eagle I understand the name..

I only doubt myself when I am resting..breath slowly
in and out

knocked out of pose by woman too close...
focus on positive energy...move mat
on back focus on ceiling..flex toes and up

 Final twist

Is it possible that the second was harder to endure than the first?
how do I stay focused on staying positive and in the moment..

The afterglow is worth it all

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