Friday, January 21, 2011

day 2 in Minneapolis

After barely making it through my last class I dragged myself back to class the next afternoon..
I must admit I was feeling good about the class just because I knew what to expect and I wanted to prove to myself that I was a rock star
So I get to the studio and Kasper [ no last name], ok so I just forgot to ask,who is the current men's international Bikram Champion... which I am not even sure how that works.
I asked him a few questions:
Me " How long have you been practicing?"
Kasper " About seven years, Bikram for about four."
Me " how long have you been practicing daily?"
Kasper " Five years, the last few years I have been practicing several hours a day"
Me " Would you recommend someone new to the yoga community who has only practiced Bikram to try a new form?"
Kasper" "Yes, I think you should try new ones just to get a feel of whats out there. I will say though that Bikram is the most beneficial for the body"

Once again class sucked, I thought I would have to leave at a certain point
I brought water this time and wore my headband
the water made me feel worse once I stood up, but it was there so I kept going for it, which is what I knew would happen
The headband helped, went I decided to rest I took it off and could literally squeeze the sweat out
the towel that I rented wasn't very thick so the sweat pooled..
  it was not fun
Kasper, being the great teacher that he was noticed it, and moved me to a cooler spot in the room
after resting in Savsana for a bit I finished the series

there was a lot of attitude toward Kasper from a lady in long sleeves and a fleece hat
I felt her energy
 Bikram in Minneapolis is not for me
 very proud I made it through those two classes

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  1. congrats on giving it a second go and not giving up! :) i bet this will make your chicago classes that much more amazing .. having something to compare them to.

    i also agree with kapser and think you should try out other forms of yoga, just to see the differences.. maybe some day when you're ready :)