Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The body wants what the body wants..

When I woke up this morning after only having 3 hours of sleep I just settled on the fact that I would be going to an evening class, because I was in no mood.

After tossing and turning for another 30 minutes I jumped up and rushed to class
   not because I knew I had to, or that it would ruin my night plans but my body was actually craving it
So needless to say I got there 5 minutes before class started... and it was packed.

luckily I still managed to get a spot in the mirror.. I was actually in the front corner so when I turned I still had a mirror spot, but being near one of the doors sucked.

opening breathing went right by and half moon was next
             Kept my arms up for the most part, and its starting to get easier, I am also noticing how close my arms are getting to ears, must be from all that palm squeezing.

I am getting so good at keeping my leg locked during standing nose to knee, I figure after 5 or 6 more classes I will be ready to straighten my leg, but the standing leg needs to be perfectly still before I make that move.
Standing bow is constantly getting better, becoming parallel to the floor comes naturally now, I just need to work on my balance when I get my body lower.. I want a standing split by the summer.
Balancing stick was a joke.. just couldnt stay focused long enough to make anything happen.

I made it through triangle, breathing heavily.. but made it nonetheless
fell out of standing nose to knee a few times, but thats what yoga is all about, teaching your body to go right back into the posture and teaching your body to fight for the stillness in it.

During rabbit I felt a sharp pain in my spine and came out early to rest
        during the second set I just made sure I was super careful not to push beyond my limits, because once your movements become forced and agressive you are no longer doing yoga.

            I am starting to think that people should not be allowed to bring water in the class, its just too distracting... for me
                                  The girl behind me had a bottle of water with a chunk of ice in it and I found myself wanting it so hard.. I just wanted to feel the coolness of the container on my skin, once again unfocused.

I really wanted to experience coconut water after class but didnt have enough cash on me.. meh

Not a bad class, today it was my body that wanted the class
    when my mind and body are on the same page class is amazing

until tomorrow


  1. maybe you should bring water to class.. "the body wants what the body wants" .. why deny yourself ?

  2. well its recommended to just wait until after class because when you take that water break 1. alot of energy is transfered to processing that and away from focusing on your breath. 2. The poses are more difficult and you are more likely to vomit when you drink during the postures. 3. In Bikram when you get that feeling you usually just need to breath deeper and focus on that.