Saturday, January 29, 2011

Back in class

Since I didn't get to do the two classes that I wanted to do yesterday I decided to just get an early start by doing the 730a class.. running behind, per usual

When I get there I notice there is a surprising number of shoes in the lobby, but I guess I'm just running late.
when I get into the locker room the first thing I notice is a Letterman's jacket and "team gear" all over the place, there were a lot of guys in this class and as soon as I walked into the studio I knew why..
it was the high school wrestling team.. i knew this would be a fun class

From the beginning of the class there was a sort of lightness in the air, less serious than it usually is
half moon was ok, kept my arms up for the first series which felt good, need to focus more on the breath.. that's whats important, really pulled hard during hands to feet, its always so tempting to just rest there.

During awkward pose of of the high schoolers to my left fell out of the posture and busted out laughing, something registered in me when that happened, I sort of realized that nothing is ever really that serious. You need to be able to fall out, laugh about it and just right back in there, that's how you learn.
Still getting that leg closer in Eagle.. It wants to get back there.. I can feel it getting closer.
That's the thing about doing something everyday, you can feel yourself getting closer and closer

Still struggling a bit with triangle and standing separate nose to knee, just cant seem to get the balancing right, always falling over, I may need to make a better effort to suck in my belly, to make sure I am supporting the spine, because that's what is important.
Tree is starting to look good, getting rid of my "duck butt" making sure that I am pushing my hips forward and squeezing my butt tighter to bring my knee back and down... i really want to get to toe stand.. but I know its a process.

felt really good on my belly, learning just to breath through it and keep pushing
I got my thighs pretty high during locus again, becoming one of my favorites.. isn't that crazy
need to work on recovering sooner so that I will be ready for the next set.
Still coming early on floor bow, but getting those legs pretty high.. I just cant sustain ... like a bitch lol
it will get better.
getting deeper and deeper in camel.. some days I see my mat on the floor behind me.. today was one of those days.. I always find myself wanting to stay in the posture after its been called... I wonder if that's allowed, I mean I see the instructors doing it all the time... hmm I am going to have to remember to ask about that before class tomorrow. Totally into camel, easily my favorite... after standing bow of course.
Now that I am doing rabbit correctly I am getting a totally different series of stretches.. which feels a ton better than what I was feeling before.. I can actually stay in the posture the entire length got a while until those hips are up though...

I thought today was going to be the day I took two classes but I didn't have enough time.. story of my life. Great class though. The energy from the wrestlers was fun and uplifting, I'm really happy that I got to be a part of that..
emotional levels are okay.. kinda of annoyed, little to no mood.

Until tomorrow... which makes day 28 deeaaam


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