Saturday, January 29, 2011

Back in class

Since I didn't get to do the two classes that I wanted to do yesterday I decided to just get an early start by doing the 730a class.. running behind, per usual

When I get there I notice there is a surprising number of shoes in the lobby, but I guess I'm just running late.
when I get into the locker room the first thing I notice is a Letterman's jacket and "team gear" all over the place, there were a lot of guys in this class and as soon as I walked into the studio I knew why..
it was the high school wrestling team.. i knew this would be a fun class

From the beginning of the class there was a sort of lightness in the air, less serious than it usually is
half moon was ok, kept my arms up for the first series which felt good, need to focus more on the breath.. that's whats important, really pulled hard during hands to feet, its always so tempting to just rest there.

During awkward pose of of the high schoolers to my left fell out of the posture and busted out laughing, something registered in me when that happened, I sort of realized that nothing is ever really that serious. You need to be able to fall out, laugh about it and just right back in there, that's how you learn.
Still getting that leg closer in Eagle.. It wants to get back there.. I can feel it getting closer.
That's the thing about doing something everyday, you can feel yourself getting closer and closer

Still struggling a bit with triangle and standing separate nose to knee, just cant seem to get the balancing right, always falling over, I may need to make a better effort to suck in my belly, to make sure I am supporting the spine, because that's what is important.
Tree is starting to look good, getting rid of my "duck butt" making sure that I am pushing my hips forward and squeezing my butt tighter to bring my knee back and down... i really want to get to toe stand.. but I know its a process.

felt really good on my belly, learning just to breath through it and keep pushing
I got my thighs pretty high during locus again, becoming one of my favorites.. isn't that crazy
need to work on recovering sooner so that I will be ready for the next set.
Still coming early on floor bow, but getting those legs pretty high.. I just cant sustain ... like a bitch lol
it will get better.
getting deeper and deeper in camel.. some days I see my mat on the floor behind me.. today was one of those days.. I always find myself wanting to stay in the posture after its been called... I wonder if that's allowed, I mean I see the instructors doing it all the time... hmm I am going to have to remember to ask about that before class tomorrow. Totally into camel, easily my favorite... after standing bow of course.
Now that I am doing rabbit correctly I am getting a totally different series of stretches.. which feels a ton better than what I was feeling before.. I can actually stay in the posture the entire length got a while until those hips are up though...

I thought today was going to be the day I took two classes but I didn't have enough time.. story of my life. Great class though. The energy from the wrestlers was fun and uplifting, I'm really happy that I got to be a part of that..
emotional levels are okay.. kinda of annoyed, little to no mood.

Until tomorrow... which makes day 28 deeaaam


Friday, January 28, 2011

Still going strong..

So now I feel like I have officially made yoga a part of my daily life, I don't know what I would do if I missed a class, its almost like a religion
          If I would have gotten home sooner today I would have done 2 classes, I am totally understanding what people mean when they say sometimes one class is just not enough.

I am still having trouble with half moon and keeping my arms up, I need to grip harder and squeeze those elbows in to hold it.. I know that the pressure in the shoulders is good I just cant seem to make myself want it bad enough.. I will though
I will say that my back bend feels great.. I feel like I can control my breathing really well here, which allows me to go deeper into the posture.
In eagle that twisted right leg is almost wrapped behind, it wants to go there.. I great improvement from a few weeks ago, my left just slides down effortless, like it should. Keeping the breathing steady.. in and out through the nose.. focus on yourself in the mirror.
In standing nose to knee I am starting to lift my standing leg more and more, standing leg getting stronger... focus on standing leg in mirror, like your leg hag no knee, solid... change

Standing bow which is usually my best posture was a little wobbly today, still good though, my chin stands with my shoulder the whole time... If I kick harder when I am feeling that way it usually saves the pose, which is what I should be doing anyway... funny how that works
           No resting at all during the standing series, good job.. a lot better than when I can back from MN last week.

Spine is getting stronger by the day.. I wish I could see how high my legs go up during locus.. I can feel them and it feels great. I can only do one set though.. during the second set I only did the final posture, and its never as high.
Liz told me that I have a really beautiful Camel.. thanks Liz
Ive also recently realized that the reason that I always felt so much tension in the back of my neck during rabbit is because I WAS DOING IT WRONG... duh. so now its alot better and i actually feel  the stretch in my spine.

Been kinda depressed these days.. not quite sure why, having a hard time getting out of bed and motivated.. must be that time of the year.. yoga helps a lot.. I bet going to two classes a day would help a ton.. something to thing about..


Sunday, January 23, 2011

So good to be back home

After having two really shitty classes in Minneapolis I must admit I was feeling a little bummed about my practice.. I thought I was really getting into it, and it was becoming part of my daily routine
still happy to be home and go to MY studio

Went to the Friday night class, John was actually taking this class, so it was fun to see him again
  I think I'm over my little crush

Class starts, feeling better already, but kind of annoyed with the people in front of me [ I get it that it was their first time...]
right from the beginning of the class I felt better than I had in MN
breathing felt right.. just in and out through your nose, felt the connection with body and breath
             [" if you can control your breath you can control the world"]
Even though I was home and feeling good, some of the postures were a little more difficult to get and hold
.. like standing nose to knee
.. I kept falling out of standing bow, I also couldn't see myself in the mirror
... I only did one set of balancing stick
fell of out triangle a few times but jumped back in, same with standing separate leg stretch
  In Savasana I could not help thinking about how thankful I am to be a part of the Bikram Andersonville community, these are some pretty great people.

Saturdays 730a class was even better
was actually taught by John
 went very well, starting to get back in the flow of things
.. rested during locus
..came out a lot of postures early
but while I was in them pushed myself to the limit
I always love morning classes, its such a great way to start your day, I'm always so happy afterward.

Was going to take the Sunday 730a class [With a friend Aaron] and make it three class in twelve hours
.. but I woke up feeling bad so I went to the 545p class
Beth was the teacher, I really like Beth's style, super laid back, supportive, cracked jokes all night about the Bears losing so badly [ I didn't watch the game]
One of my best classes yet
I really felt myself open up tonight  and connect
my breathing was great
feeling confident about extending my bent leg in standing nose to knee, cant hold it for long though
 I realized while doing full locus that nothing is ever as bad as I think its going to be
    I think that says loads about how I think, focusing on the negative... still
even though I am alot calmer, stress-free, and centered I still can be very negative
    I got really upset yesterday.. I don't like that about it
I really want to start taking a meditation class, that would be nice

During the final breathing I got the hiccups.. again

930a class tomorrow
21 days and counting

Friday, January 21, 2011

day 2 in Minneapolis

After barely making it through my last class I dragged myself back to class the next afternoon..
I must admit I was feeling good about the class just because I knew what to expect and I wanted to prove to myself that I was a rock star
So I get to the studio and Kasper [ no last name], ok so I just forgot to ask,who is the current men's international Bikram Champion... which I am not even sure how that works.
I asked him a few questions:
Me " How long have you been practicing?"
Kasper " About seven years, Bikram for about four."
Me " how long have you been practicing daily?"
Kasper " Five years, the last few years I have been practicing several hours a day"
Me " Would you recommend someone new to the yoga community who has only practiced Bikram to try a new form?"
Kasper" "Yes, I think you should try new ones just to get a feel of whats out there. I will say though that Bikram is the most beneficial for the body"

Once again class sucked, I thought I would have to leave at a certain point
I brought water this time and wore my headband
the water made me feel worse once I stood up, but it was there so I kept going for it, which is what I knew would happen
The headband helped, went I decided to rest I took it off and could literally squeeze the sweat out
the towel that I rented wasn't very thick so the sweat pooled..
  it was not fun
Kasper, being the great teacher that he was noticed it, and moved me to a cooler spot in the room
after resting in Savsana for a bit I finished the series

there was a lot of attitude toward Kasper from a lady in long sleeves and a fleece hat
I felt her energy
 Bikram in Minneapolis is not for me
 very proud I made it through those two classes

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Yoga in Minneapolis

Sorry there have been a few days without posting
I thought I would be able to catch you guys up on the Megabus but of course it wasn't working... so I read instead.
          Nothing really exciting
    I found out that John and Mary are in San Fran at the Bikram Championship
    took my first 630a class, I don't know how many of those I will be making it to
there were times when all of a sudden I realized I was in yoga, like my brain and my body were on disconnect and in the middle of a posture I would all of a sudden realized where I was. It was nice to get it out of the way though.

     So yoga in Minneapolis...l
Walking though the concrete hallway I was just anxious to get into class, it was nice to regulate my life..
the studio is set up like a log cabin with a cork floor. its wider than it is long, and the instructor.. Hunter spoke through a microphone, which I thought was weird considering how small the studio was.
for some reason the studio felt hotter than mine, maybe because the air was not circulating?
After the first three postures Hunter actually encouraged us to have water
I didn't bring any.
I don't know if it was just because it was a different studio
 I ate poorly
I just wasn't into it
  I was one of the worst classes I have ever had. I had a hard time focusing, there were times when I literally wished that the class was over.
I had to break for a few of the postures, and came out a lot of them early.
I knew I had to stick with it.. just keep breathing
tough class, felt it real hard afterward
going back this afternoon

Monday, January 17, 2011


Yesterday was only the second noon class that I have taken and I must say.. its pretty nice
there is something about yoga at noon on Sunday.. very peaceful, there wasn't even that many people there, there were only 2 of us in the front row.

In class I really felt that deep stretch in half moon, and pushed my foot down.. it was an incredible feeling and I now know what I am aiming for each time.
In awkward pose I had one of those moments when I could see my fingers shaking and all I can do is tighten up and focus forward.
Still working on that standing leg in standing nose to knee.. but I can feel my feet getting stronger each day, I am constantly working new muscle groups, and the best thing is that its happening on a daily bases.
I have decided that standing bow is going to be the first pose that I master.. and its looking good. I am falling out less and feeling the stretch and pull a lot deeper.
I always feel spent by the time I get to balancing stick.. and there is sweat in my eyes.. I actually think I am going to start wearing a sweat band..would that be weird?
             I cant believe that I am being judgemental about what I wear to yoga... I feel like I should be over that.

The rest of class was okay..
I was really close to the wall during full locus and couldn't get my arms in the right place
I was too close to the girl behind me and the was kind of annoying
  It wasn't my best class to say the least

Until tomorrow

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The most beautiful girl

So I get to the studio yesterday and see the most beautiful girl I have ever seen, I may have a huge thing for her... Navie is her name, and im sure I spelt that wrong
  Beautiful eyes
  Beautiful skin
  Great aura
 I would love to ask her out some time but not sure how I would go about that without being that guy..

   Class was really good with me pushing myself into deeper back stretches and really just making sure the breath is normal.
I am still working on my standing leg with standing nose to knee...still getting a hold of locking the knee out.
I wish I could photograph my progress in every pose every day because I can just feel myself going deeper and I would like to see it.
Still working on standing bow.. getting lower by the class.

I know its vain but I think my leg looks fat when I am in tree pose.. I can never bring it was high as I would like to, but I am still working.

The only draw back on my new mat so far is that it gets so wet and since its so long I am going to have to bring 2 towels to cover it completely.. which is going to generate a lot more laundry for me.

Floor series was good, lots of deep breathing
nose to knee is not coming as easily as I like to think it would but I am still working on it.

its all a constant work in progress

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Finally bought a mat of my own

I will admit it was nice renting the mat/towel combo from the studio just because it was made for Bikram and it has always been really nice, but that shiz gets expensive.

Its a really nice mat that should last me a long time, in my favorite colour.. sage green
its a Kulae  Anti-bacterial
                100% biodegradable
                100% recyclable
   Apparently its the most hygienic mat out there, which is exactly what you need in a Bikram class where you are sweating out your body weight on a daily.
As much as I have been loving my a.m yoga class I have been really into the whole night thing. Its a really nice way to wind down from the day, the classes have a different feel to them also.. different types of people I guess.
I thought that I would have some of the same [floating] feeling like I did yesterday but I didn't. I have learned that I cant really predict class.. I really never know how things are going to turn out.

Half moon was really good, got super deep into my side poses.. I feel like I know what I am reaching for in the posture now and just getting over that is half the battle, as it is with most things in life.
      I fell out of awkward pose during the second series while sitting on my toes, that hasn't happened in a while, jumped right back in there though.. teaching my body not to fall out.
      I was so proud during standing bow.. during the first series I didn't fall out once... I fought for it, hard. I need to make sure I keep kicking and trying to straighten my leg that's in the air.
     Triangle is getting better... I no longer dread it before it happens, which is a good feeling.
          Come to think about it there is really no pose that I dread anymore.. I know that I need it and embrace it.

   Its insane how fast 90 minutes pass these days.. I honestly feel like I am in and out and am starting to not be soo tired after class. I also love how every time I am done with class there is a always a different part of my body that feels the work..
I'm getting to the point where I am no longer learning the routine but more working into each posture and feeling myself go deeper. I still have such a long way to go
I feel like I have been doing yoga forever but it hasn't even been 2 whole weeks yet.. its insane how soon you start to see and feel the results of daily yoga practice.

            My friend Ashley from work is coming to a class on Monday.. pretty excited about that. I am going to interview her for the blog after her first class.

I found out that last years record at my studio is 237 classes in 237 days...
I think I could at least match it, I just hope it still counts if I go to a different studio

I haven't seen John all week.. I wish I knew the instructors schedule lol


Friday, January 14, 2011


Today I had such a weird class, I was totally into it, went to the 630p class, which I heard is the busiest of the day.. and it was, but still managed to get a spot in the the door though
so every time someone went in and out I felt it. It actually happened once in class and I was very grateful for it lol

 Lost myself in the breathing a few times, but breathing is constantly getting deeper.
During half moon I stretched myself so deep I felt it from my bone to my skin... breath was very constant,
  same with awkward pose, seemed to flow very easily.
Very proud of my locked leg during standing nose to knee, very little wobble, wanted to extend the leg a few times, but I want it perfect first.

            Something happened during balancing series.. during half bow, I got that very light almost floating feeling again. vision was hazy
                    breath was deep
                    body feels light
As great as I felt during the entire experience I needed to rest,I didn't want to black out because I didn't listen to my body, I rejoined the class at the end of balancing stick.
   I feel like I could have felt that forever

Triangle was amazing... got my thigh parallel to the ground and made myself hold it by focusing on my breath
  Still working on those knees in a line for tree.

    Cobra is getting easier, actually the easiest of the back poses, just have to remember to flatten my palms of the floor.
During locus I got my legs up even higher just because I saw how high some of the others are.. and was a little jealous but pushed just a little more
and full bow is good, relaxed arms, relaxed wrists.. kick up up up

Finished with a very deep spine twist, i want to eventually see myself in the mirror

until tomorrow


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ten Days In!

I cant believe that its been 10 days since I have started doing yoga.. It seems like no time and forever.
My body feels like its been years, and I feel more focused and stress free in and out of the studio.
     My skin is glowing
     My body is loose and muscles are tight,
     I can see muscles that I didn't even know was there.
     I knew that yoga today was going to be great, I just felt it.

When class starts I really felt my shoulders open up when, but at a certain point I lost track of my breathing and fell off course.. but I got back on track.

Half moon was deeper than before but holding the arms were too intense to hold the entire series..
Finally got my standing leg locked during standing nose to knee, I am going to keep it here for a while before I extend my leg out.
Standing bow is getting deeper still, I am trying to make sure that I push myself lower.. I want that standing split real bad
Tree is also getting stronger with less wobbling in the standing leg, and actually felt my knee go down lower.

            I made triangle my bitch... sitting down lower than ever before.
I pretty much went balls to the wall in the poses today, I have been feeling like I have just been hanging out where I am comfortable these past few days and I need to push to that next level.. I love that my instructors are giving me pointers on a daily now and encouraging me to get there.

             I had a few of those Zen like moments where I forgot that I was even doing the postures. I look for that every class now.

Someone asked me today if it gets easier.. and the answer is no. I am constantly finding a new stretch in a pose and going deeper. Bikram says there is always next level, always something you should be working towards .

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The body wants what the body wants..

When I woke up this morning after only having 3 hours of sleep I just settled on the fact that I would be going to an evening class, because I was in no mood.

After tossing and turning for another 30 minutes I jumped up and rushed to class
   not because I knew I had to, or that it would ruin my night plans but my body was actually craving it
So needless to say I got there 5 minutes before class started... and it was packed.

luckily I still managed to get a spot in the mirror.. I was actually in the front corner so when I turned I still had a mirror spot, but being near one of the doors sucked.

opening breathing went right by and half moon was next
             Kept my arms up for the most part, and its starting to get easier, I am also noticing how close my arms are getting to ears, must be from all that palm squeezing.

I am getting so good at keeping my leg locked during standing nose to knee, I figure after 5 or 6 more classes I will be ready to straighten my leg, but the standing leg needs to be perfectly still before I make that move.
Standing bow is constantly getting better, becoming parallel to the floor comes naturally now, I just need to work on my balance when I get my body lower.. I want a standing split by the summer.
Balancing stick was a joke.. just couldnt stay focused long enough to make anything happen.

I made it through triangle, breathing heavily.. but made it nonetheless
fell out of standing nose to knee a few times, but thats what yoga is all about, teaching your body to go right back into the posture and teaching your body to fight for the stillness in it.

During rabbit I felt a sharp pain in my spine and came out early to rest
        during the second set I just made sure I was super careful not to push beyond my limits, because once your movements become forced and agressive you are no longer doing yoga.

            I am starting to think that people should not be allowed to bring water in the class, its just too distracting... for me
                                  The girl behind me had a bottle of water with a chunk of ice in it and I found myself wanting it so hard.. I just wanted to feel the coolness of the container on my skin, once again unfocused.

I really wanted to experience coconut water after class but didnt have enough cash on me.. meh

Not a bad class, today it was my body that wanted the class
    when my mind and body are on the same page class is amazing

until tomorrow

Monday, January 10, 2011

I had such a time getting motivated today..
I feel like it was because I took class so late last night.. and was up so early
   either way I went, had a good class and it totally made my day

the studio was really packed today... It must be a Monday thing, people want to start their week on a good note ... I get it
Even during the breathing I could feel that my body was not 100% with me so I was prepared to take it slow.
   [fighting off that shiz that is going around the diner]
Still managed to keep both hands together during first series.. hell yeah
second set.. not so much

managed to make it through the balancing series.. standing leg is getting stronger, much less wobbling, that toe is sticking to the ground..

triangle.. not so much
           I had to rest during the first set, I didn't want to hurt myself, and yoga is about resting your body when it needs it... and keep going.

my back is still getting stronger.. in cobra I almost saw the back wall.. its true, your body will follow where your eyes go...
had to rest again during full locus.. but that's okay.. there is always tomorrow.

          that's the beauty of life, if you fuck it up, there is always tomorrow.

 there will be progress photos soon, so stay posted


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Yoga by sunset

Had to take the late class today because I worked early, was a little skeptical about how I would perform physically after working all morning.. I was fine

           Feeling very grateful today, for everyone and thing in my life
                           Thank you.

Liz is instructing today
  [ I like Liz very straight forward, confident.. very intense eyes]

          first asana  half moon
                       FINALLY KEPT MY ARMS UP entire first series
                        that was an amazing feeling.. need to work on for the whole time

     I never know If I am too low in awkward pose, just need to keep thighs parallel to floor.
           Eagle came easily, even got those feet behind my calf for a second, was very proud

Balancing getting better when it comes locking that leg, try not to rush it.. it will happen with practice [also a good life lesson].. focusing on sticking my big toe to the ground
  once I get over that I think I will be in good standing.. literally

Felt the back lift in all the back poses.. tried to fly off the floor.. make my body work for it.

when doing my entire floor series I felt body chills, as if I was cold..
just worked through them keep breathing
            [ when I asked Liz about them she asked if I was ill, no but everyone around me is,
maybe I am fighting off something that is trying to start, it happens sometimes to her too]
             Do any of you guys ever have body chills in the middle of your workout?.. weird right

Very little issue with spine stretch today

saw energy glowing through skin when lights came down during final breathing
           that is worth going to a night class to see ..


Early class.. Late post

Today was a lot longer than I expected..
730a yoga and ended up working a double... wasn't as tired as I expected to be, and once I stopped focusing on the negative it was actually a great day.

John was our instructor this morning, which was a great surprise
    He has great energy, makes me smile.
        [random thought]
Its kind of weird that everyone in the studio calls me Charles.. and I cant remember the last time I went by that name, however it seems perfectly suitable.

Felt great going into class
  Breathing is always great, gets me sweaty in the first five minutes which feels great.
   Arms still coming down in half moon, need to work on that, second set was a lot better
             Keeping palms flat together is key and when I do I feel the stretch so much more.

I think its really easy to rest on your laurels and only go as far as you have..
   I need to constantly push myself to get to that next level, in all aspects of life
               Bikram says " there is always a next level, always something you should be reaching for"

Really working on locking my leg for balancing and keeping my big toe down, practice makes perfect..
   I am constantly in a hurry, sometimes even when I have nothing to hurry to.
had an amazing stretch in standing bow, and for some reason my body was not into standing nose to knee at all.. I fell out several times.

I noticed there were a few couples taking the class together, which seemed more awkward than I'm sure it is just... weird
really pushed myself in the back series which feels amazing.. I want to eventually to have total spine flexibility

The final spine twist seemed more difficult than it has been.

As I was leaving the locker room the high schoolers  [there is a local high school where the varsity wrestling team is required to take a yoga class for conditioning]  were showing up.. I bet that was a fun class.

 As I was in the lobby putting on my shoes I caught myself looking in the direction of John.. we locked eyes and held it for a second...


Friday, January 7, 2011


Woke up energized.. dealt with yesterdays emotions, today is a new day...
Got to studio in great mental space

Full of positive energy, great aura.. its gonna be a great class

Jessica is teaching today
     Encouraged me to keep those arms up during half moon... still had to release between sets...breath into it palms together.. release
     My eagle is getting better, foot almost to back of calf on both sides... need to focus on bringing shoulders down..

Balance is better today, a lot better, standing bow looks amazing
             still need to focus on just myself in the mirror.. focus on breath
             make sure that big toe stays down on the ground and don't roll to the outside of the foot.

Back series is a bitch.. per us
    it feels like my hand had a lot of strain in .. i forget the name of the asana
breath through it still.

Pushed my body.. my spine to the limit with Rabbit
    felt amazing

                                 Was a little distracted with other people in the room today.. with was weird considering this is the most empty class I have been in ..
Class is over

After class I talked with Jessica about my emotional highs and lows
                "when doing this class you are clearing up a lot of blockages, blockages that are sometimes created by emotional stress.. now that you are working it out of your body you need to express whatever those emotions are
                once you feel angry come to class stat"

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Soft body.. Cramped Mind

So today was day four
   woke up in a weird mood,Not bad... just out of place
didn't feel like a lot of water

 After yesterday I have been looking forward to waking up just to go to class
  almost like it was my purpose.
Woke up in no mood, but knew I was going to class, hopefully it will get me in the right mental space.

Get to studio
     John is behind the desk...
             Its going to be a good workout
In studio trying to ease the mind with breath and affirmations
                                                                            [its going to be a great day, this class is going to open you up]
Class begins
start with breathing
 still have to rest arms between sets on half moon
  focus on flat palms.. breath
sat deeper than ever on awkward pose.. focus on mirror, look in eyes, deeper... change

My balance was shit...
      Standing bow started off amazing, totally focused, kick back, lean forward.. deep ..deeep
                   and I fell out and could barely get it back.. same on both sides

 My favorite asana is triangle when I am looking up my right arm and on my wrist I see "Pura Vida[pure life]".. my tattoo.
Focusing on that always puts things in prospective

Between Cobra and Locus I notice that John has a nipple ring...

reach your chest up..legs up.. change

Class went a lot faster than I has been but I couldn't seem to get out of my head
            Self doubt..
            Trivial worries..
            Negative energy that I have been holding on too for way too long..
Took the long savasana to center myself.

On my way out John wishes me a Happy Birthday
              Makes me smile
     I may have a crush on John.

Even though I had an amazing practice and I know my body will benefit I had such a hard time leaving my baggage at the door.
Maybe I am just becoming more in touch with my emotions and this off feeling has been there a while but I am just getting to a place when I am strong enough to deal with it.

This yoga is like therapy
              Physically and Emotionally
I never know how i am going to react

Has Bikram.. or any other forms of yoga taking you through emotional changes?
does it ever stabilize?
John mentioned something about yoga more than once a day.. I really like that idea [ for the future]

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


After yesterday I was beginning to doubt if I could make it everyday
I did, getting there earlier than the past few days even

I'm having a struggle about whether or not I should bring water with me to class
I haven't yet but I often find myself physically yearning for my neighbors, is it better to go though the entire series then hydrate?
either way I forgot mine.

in the studio, find a spot right by the mirror and make it mine
stretch out yesterdays work.. breath in savasana   focus

Woman from yesterday sets up next to me, I feel guilty for sending negative towards her yesterday and I want to make peace, I didnt have time

John is the instructor today
[John is my new favorite]

He pushed us when we needed and even encouraged us to smile after hating life in cobra

Balancing getting easier.. stretch toes more
              Does anyone know if yoga sandals actually work?

My whole goal for today was to focus on my breathing
in and out through the nose
We focusing I found myself deep into my asanas with little effort
            almost if I was a separate being watching my body work

After my standing poses when in the first savasana tears came to my eyes I thought i was going to cry
I have never had such an emotion connection to a workout
I felt it

The sitting asanas came easy
still need to get deeper into my rabbit
Ending with breathing purging the old stale air


I feel like I broke though a wall today, no worn feeling after class us the glow of knowing you kicked ass
Robin [my roommate] told me that after the third day everything is great.

looking forward to tomorrow..

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Woke up stiff, not as much as I would have thought but still
after a horrible nights sleep I'm ready for more.
hydrate before... hydrate after

get to studio
get a good mirror spot
stretch out yesterdays work

Moment is ruined when woman puts her mat directly in front of mine..
her mat rolling over the front of mine..breath

class starts with breathing poses
side bends come easy.. have to rest arms between sets
I see the wall on my back bends.. push hips up...hold
the deeper I get into eagle I understand the name..

I only doubt myself when I am resting..breath slowly
in and out

knocked out of pose by woman too close...
focus on positive energy...move mat
on back focus on ceiling..flex toes and up

 Final twist

Is it possible that the second was harder to endure than the first?
how do I stay focused on staying positive and in the moment..

The afterglow is worth it all

Monday, January 3, 2011

Day One

So I had my first  Bikram Yoga experience, it was great, I feel more centered
more in touch with my body ...after one class, weird right?
I have a 30 trial and I think I am going to try to do it everyday

Day 1.
  laying out the mat checking out the scene.
forgot my water
sweat beads starting to form..
class starts
Breathing poses:
Had to break a few times
Eagle pose makes me dizzy, don't stop, keep going.

The more I focus on my breathing the easier the poses get

Sweat pooling in the crease of my back.. just breath
look at the ceiling, hands at side.. Relax

Stretching the spine feels great..exhale and push.. eyes up

Needed more time to meditate afterwards, my own fault.. tomorrow will be better.

knees shaky at the water fountain... grateful I made it though.