Friday, January 3, 2014

Back to 1

Today is my 3 year yogaversary. 

When I look back I see that when I started practicing yoga I started living my life
..Meeting my partner
..following my heart to become an instructor
...allowing myself to develop a relationship with my spiritually and learning to trust my heart
                I am eternally grateful and completely fulfilled

Today Lucy taught class, The newest teacher at BYA and she has such an amazing class
teaches from the heart and lots of good energy.

Get there and find out:
Cat bought me a massage as a gift for helping around the studio
Aura is taking class next to me
smallish class and i'm in the back row dead center.

Lights coming up while I am still setting my intention
       breath work seems forever
       Its just sensation, focus on the breath
First back bend I feel like I am compressing my lumbar and come up early.. breath
            second set.
                               heels down, chest up, keep your arms with your ears..I think about myself in the posture while i'm in the posture.. weird right?

First set Eagle is when I begin to feel myself slipping from a physical practice to a meditative experience

    Bright Lights
    Movements of my spine
                                                  legs up, chest up, everything UP!
   ... following sensation. focus on breath

Sometimes you have to lose your mind to follow your heart.

3 years later and I have never had the same class twice.
I think I am going to go every day
 I am a blessed man


Saturday, January 29, 2011

Back in class

Since I didn't get to do the two classes that I wanted to do yesterday I decided to just get an early start by doing the 730a class.. running behind, per usual

When I get there I notice there is a surprising number of shoes in the lobby, but I guess I'm just running late.
when I get into the locker room the first thing I notice is a Letterman's jacket and "team gear" all over the place, there were a lot of guys in this class and as soon as I walked into the studio I knew why..
it was the high school wrestling team.. i knew this would be a fun class

From the beginning of the class there was a sort of lightness in the air, less serious than it usually is
half moon was ok, kept my arms up for the first series which felt good, need to focus more on the breath.. that's whats important, really pulled hard during hands to feet, its always so tempting to just rest there.

During awkward pose of of the high schoolers to my left fell out of the posture and busted out laughing, something registered in me when that happened, I sort of realized that nothing is ever really that serious. You need to be able to fall out, laugh about it and just right back in there, that's how you learn.
Still getting that leg closer in Eagle.. It wants to get back there.. I can feel it getting closer.
That's the thing about doing something everyday, you can feel yourself getting closer and closer

Still struggling a bit with triangle and standing separate nose to knee, just cant seem to get the balancing right, always falling over, I may need to make a better effort to suck in my belly, to make sure I am supporting the spine, because that's what is important.
Tree is starting to look good, getting rid of my "duck butt" making sure that I am pushing my hips forward and squeezing my butt tighter to bring my knee back and down... i really want to get to toe stand.. but I know its a process.

felt really good on my belly, learning just to breath through it and keep pushing
I got my thighs pretty high during locus again, becoming one of my favorites.. isn't that crazy
need to work on recovering sooner so that I will be ready for the next set.
Still coming early on floor bow, but getting those legs pretty high.. I just cant sustain ... like a bitch lol
it will get better.
getting deeper and deeper in camel.. some days I see my mat on the floor behind me.. today was one of those days.. I always find myself wanting to stay in the posture after its been called... I wonder if that's allowed, I mean I see the instructors doing it all the time... hmm I am going to have to remember to ask about that before class tomorrow. Totally into camel, easily my favorite... after standing bow of course.
Now that I am doing rabbit correctly I am getting a totally different series of stretches.. which feels a ton better than what I was feeling before.. I can actually stay in the posture the entire length got a while until those hips are up though...

I thought today was going to be the day I took two classes but I didn't have enough time.. story of my life. Great class though. The energy from the wrestlers was fun and uplifting, I'm really happy that I got to be a part of that..
emotional levels are okay.. kinda of annoyed, little to no mood.

Until tomorrow... which makes day 28 deeaaam


Friday, January 28, 2011

Still going strong..

So now I feel like I have officially made yoga a part of my daily life, I don't know what I would do if I missed a class, its almost like a religion
          If I would have gotten home sooner today I would have done 2 classes, I am totally understanding what people mean when they say sometimes one class is just not enough.

I am still having trouble with half moon and keeping my arms up, I need to grip harder and squeeze those elbows in to hold it.. I know that the pressure in the shoulders is good I just cant seem to make myself want it bad enough.. I will though
I will say that my back bend feels great.. I feel like I can control my breathing really well here, which allows me to go deeper into the posture.
In eagle that twisted right leg is almost wrapped behind, it wants to go there.. I great improvement from a few weeks ago, my left just slides down effortless, like it should. Keeping the breathing steady.. in and out through the nose.. focus on yourself in the mirror.
In standing nose to knee I am starting to lift my standing leg more and more, standing leg getting stronger... focus on standing leg in mirror, like your leg hag no knee, solid... change

Standing bow which is usually my best posture was a little wobbly today, still good though, my chin stands with my shoulder the whole time... If I kick harder when I am feeling that way it usually saves the pose, which is what I should be doing anyway... funny how that works
           No resting at all during the standing series, good job.. a lot better than when I can back from MN last week.

Spine is getting stronger by the day.. I wish I could see how high my legs go up during locus.. I can feel them and it feels great. I can only do one set though.. during the second set I only did the final posture, and its never as high.
Liz told me that I have a really beautiful Camel.. thanks Liz
Ive also recently realized that the reason that I always felt so much tension in the back of my neck during rabbit is because I WAS DOING IT WRONG... duh. so now its alot better and i actually feel  the stretch in my spine.

Been kinda depressed these days.. not quite sure why, having a hard time getting out of bed and motivated.. must be that time of the year.. yoga helps a lot.. I bet going to two classes a day would help a ton.. something to thing about..


Sunday, January 23, 2011

So good to be back home

After having two really shitty classes in Minneapolis I must admit I was feeling a little bummed about my practice.. I thought I was really getting into it, and it was becoming part of my daily routine
still happy to be home and go to MY studio

Went to the Friday night class, John was actually taking this class, so it was fun to see him again
  I think I'm over my little crush

Class starts, feeling better already, but kind of annoyed with the people in front of me [ I get it that it was their first time...]
right from the beginning of the class I felt better than I had in MN
breathing felt right.. just in and out through your nose, felt the connection with body and breath
             [" if you can control your breath you can control the world"]
Even though I was home and feeling good, some of the postures were a little more difficult to get and hold
.. like standing nose to knee
.. I kept falling out of standing bow, I also couldn't see myself in the mirror
... I only did one set of balancing stick
fell of out triangle a few times but jumped back in, same with standing separate leg stretch
  In Savasana I could not help thinking about how thankful I am to be a part of the Bikram Andersonville community, these are some pretty great people.

Saturdays 730a class was even better
was actually taught by John
 went very well, starting to get back in the flow of things
.. rested during locus
..came out a lot of postures early
but while I was in them pushed myself to the limit
I always love morning classes, its such a great way to start your day, I'm always so happy afterward.

Was going to take the Sunday 730a class [With a friend Aaron] and make it three class in twelve hours
.. but I woke up feeling bad so I went to the 545p class
Beth was the teacher, I really like Beth's style, super laid back, supportive, cracked jokes all night about the Bears losing so badly [ I didn't watch the game]
One of my best classes yet
I really felt myself open up tonight  and connect
my breathing was great
feeling confident about extending my bent leg in standing nose to knee, cant hold it for long though
 I realized while doing full locus that nothing is ever as bad as I think its going to be
    I think that says loads about how I think, focusing on the negative... still
even though I am alot calmer, stress-free, and centered I still can be very negative
    I got really upset yesterday.. I don't like that about it
I really want to start taking a meditation class, that would be nice

During the final breathing I got the hiccups.. again

930a class tomorrow
21 days and counting

Friday, January 21, 2011

day 2 in Minneapolis

After barely making it through my last class I dragged myself back to class the next afternoon..
I must admit I was feeling good about the class just because I knew what to expect and I wanted to prove to myself that I was a rock star
So I get to the studio and Kasper [ no last name], ok so I just forgot to ask,who is the current men's international Bikram Champion... which I am not even sure how that works.
I asked him a few questions:
Me " How long have you been practicing?"
Kasper " About seven years, Bikram for about four."
Me " how long have you been practicing daily?"
Kasper " Five years, the last few years I have been practicing several hours a day"
Me " Would you recommend someone new to the yoga community who has only practiced Bikram to try a new form?"
Kasper" "Yes, I think you should try new ones just to get a feel of whats out there. I will say though that Bikram is the most beneficial for the body"

Once again class sucked, I thought I would have to leave at a certain point
I brought water this time and wore my headband
the water made me feel worse once I stood up, but it was there so I kept going for it, which is what I knew would happen
The headband helped, went I decided to rest I took it off and could literally squeeze the sweat out
the towel that I rented wasn't very thick so the sweat pooled..
  it was not fun
Kasper, being the great teacher that he was noticed it, and moved me to a cooler spot in the room
after resting in Savsana for a bit I finished the series

there was a lot of attitude toward Kasper from a lady in long sleeves and a fleece hat
I felt her energy
 Bikram in Minneapolis is not for me
 very proud I made it through those two classes

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Yoga in Minneapolis

Sorry there have been a few days without posting
I thought I would be able to catch you guys up on the Megabus but of course it wasn't working... so I read instead.
          Nothing really exciting
    I found out that John and Mary are in San Fran at the Bikram Championship
    took my first 630a class, I don't know how many of those I will be making it to
there were times when all of a sudden I realized I was in yoga, like my brain and my body were on disconnect and in the middle of a posture I would all of a sudden realized where I was. It was nice to get it out of the way though.

     So yoga in Minneapolis...l
Walking though the concrete hallway I was just anxious to get into class, it was nice to regulate my life..
the studio is set up like a log cabin with a cork floor. its wider than it is long, and the instructor.. Hunter spoke through a microphone, which I thought was weird considering how small the studio was.
for some reason the studio felt hotter than mine, maybe because the air was not circulating?
After the first three postures Hunter actually encouraged us to have water
I didn't bring any.
I don't know if it was just because it was a different studio
 I ate poorly
I just wasn't into it
  I was one of the worst classes I have ever had. I had a hard time focusing, there were times when I literally wished that the class was over.
I had to break for a few of the postures, and came out a lot of them early.
I knew I had to stick with it.. just keep breathing
tough class, felt it real hard afterward
going back this afternoon

Monday, January 17, 2011


Yesterday was only the second noon class that I have taken and I must say.. its pretty nice
there is something about yoga at noon on Sunday.. very peaceful, there wasn't even that many people there, there were only 2 of us in the front row.

In class I really felt that deep stretch in half moon, and pushed my foot down.. it was an incredible feeling and I now know what I am aiming for each time.
In awkward pose I had one of those moments when I could see my fingers shaking and all I can do is tighten up and focus forward.
Still working on that standing leg in standing nose to knee.. but I can feel my feet getting stronger each day, I am constantly working new muscle groups, and the best thing is that its happening on a daily bases.
I have decided that standing bow is going to be the first pose that I master.. and its looking good. I am falling out less and feeling the stretch and pull a lot deeper.
I always feel spent by the time I get to balancing stick.. and there is sweat in my eyes.. I actually think I am going to start wearing a sweat band..would that be weird?
             I cant believe that I am being judgemental about what I wear to yoga... I feel like I should be over that.

The rest of class was okay..
I was really close to the wall during full locus and couldn't get my arms in the right place
I was too close to the girl behind me and the was kind of annoying
  It wasn't my best class to say the least

Until tomorrow